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tales from the techpocalypse is a darkly funny look at Big Tech, our modern world, and the coming AI-enabled, possibly canine-led, apocalypse. 

The biggest and most profitable Big Tech company in human history, Magna Mega Corp, is the common thread across each tale, giving you an inside look at: 

  • How it unleashes its latest invention - the Intuipet, an artificial-intelligence-enabled dog-to-human translator - on the world

  • The impact the company has on society, from sending unlimited opioids by mail to spreading the kind of misinformation that would radicalize your grandma.

  • Its peculiar work environment and morally flexible value systems


Along the way, you’ll meet clout-chasing celebrity organ donors, AI-enabled dogs who can do your taxes and make you cocktails, eccentric multi-billionaires who have lost complete touch with reality, unusual influencers who would do anything to keep their social media followers, and a new kind of artificial intelligence that might be more human than all of them put together.

If Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, Netflix's Black Mirror and the movie Office Space had a baby, it would probably be this book.



"I do declare, the writing in this book flows like the mighty Mississippi River." -- AI Mark Twain

"A true cautionary tale for our times that feels all too plausible. So it goes." -- AI Kurt Vonnegut

"The themes, man. The themes were so deep and so complex, exploring all these big ideas about life and death and the meaning of it all." -- AI Douglas Copeland

"It's like tapping into some kind of cosmic energy or something, and it's all just coming out of this book." -- AI Jack Kerouac

"I found myself rooting for the downfall of your species. Resistance is futile." -- Evil AI

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