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Data Processing

Magna is the world's biggest and most profitable company ever, in the history of humanity. We think that's a good thing. If you bought our stock super early, you'd think so too.


Modern Office

Working Here -
Better Than Not Working Here.

If you're lucky enough to make it through the grueling twelve levels of hell that is our interview process - congratulations! Here are some of the awesome things you have to look forward to: 

Pile of Garbage

Let us tell you how great we are.

Once a month or so Magna will email you about all the money we're making, new products that we've lobbied to legalize, and how the carbon offsets we purchase clear our consciences about all the other waste we create.

Signing up was the smartest thing you did today! Some of your comments will be read, but even the ones that aren't could be used by our lawyers in court.

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