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Tell the world about AI for dogs with this refrigerator magnet. This makes a great kitchen conversation piece with friends or relatives - as long as you're talking about canine AI, you probably won't get sucked into conversations about politics, who you're seeing, why you haven't been to church or temple lately, or why you haven't given your parents a grandchild yet.

Some potential conversation starters:

  • "Did you hear that a dog passed the bar exam?"
  • "Should dogs should be allowed to run for office and would you vote for one?"
  • "Could super-intelligent dogs take over the world if they had opposable thumbs?"

You get one magnet that's 4" x 4" or 10 x 10 cm if you and your dog like the metric system. 

Refrigerator Magnet - Smart Dog Canine AI - 4 x 4" square

SKU: 33633821240071199418
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