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What if the Intuipet came out two hundred years ago? Ridiculous, right? They didn't have electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, or central heating... exactly the type of environment that dogs thrive in! Some say that giving dogs and computers the ability to think for themselves was a fatal mistake for humanity, and that some kind of uprising is inevitable. We at Magna Mega Corp are pretty sure that's not true! On a totally unrelated note, we did announce a major strategic defense contract with the newly-formed Dog Liberation Army. This shirt directly supports that cause, providing military training, light artillery, and treats for troops. Woof!

As with any of our shirts, this isn't intended to be a shirt for dogs, but you never know if newly intelligent and self-aware dogs will want to continue to run around naked with their privates hanging out, so let's just leave it up to them. Whoever wears this will love the 100% combed, ring-spun cotton, and the tear-away label to keep the back itches away.

These are unisex sizes that run true to fit, so pick the size that makes you look best.

Napoleon Bone-a-parte T-Shirt (Unisex sizes)

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