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The Intuipet is a revolutionary new device that translates dogs’ thoughts, then augments them with patented Generative Canine AI™ algorithms to closely mimic human speech - creating an unparalleled level of understanding between people and their pets.

The way the Intuipet works is simple: 

  • Carefully attach the collar to your dog and connect the device to your phone to the Intuipet app using the detailed, fool-proof setup instructions provided.
  • A convenient, prominent blue light on the front of the Intuipet indicates that your dog is thinking.
  • The dog’s brain waves are sent to the Internet for AI-enabled translation, cross-referenced with billions of data points gathered from test dogs, then read out loud back to you within seconds.
  • The technology works both ways, as it also converts human speech into signals your dog can more easily understand.
  • For added safety, the light flashes red if the Intuipet senses that a dog is about to attack.


Dogs who wear Intuipet devices can fetch virtually anything you ask them to – a stick, car keys, beer from the fridge, your remote control, or your daily mail. They can also perform a wide range of tasks around the house, as well as count as high as one-thousand and even do rudimentary math problems. Intuipet customers have also reported that their dogs can now be potty-trained in seconds, not weeks, due to the enhanced level of human-canine understanding that is now possible. 


While the ability to read canine brain waves has been possible for several years, Generative AI built on canine large language models allows the Intuipet to predict what dogs are really thinking with an average 97.5% accuracy rate, a significant improvement over previous manual efforts to catalog dogs’ thought patterns. Over time and with frequent use, dogs’ brains and the Intuipet’s AI merge together to make dogs significantly more intelligent and self-aware.


A proprietary canine large language model provides the core technology behind the Intuipet. Large language models are neural networks trained on billions of parameters including written and spoken words, phrases, and numbers, that rapidly learn connections between those inputs, and then allows them to generate new, human-like content.


Let the canine AI revolution begin.


Note 1: We expect to begin shipping deliveries of Intuipet devices in June 2023. Add your name to our waiting list to get updated when it becomes available.

Intuipet - AI for Your Dog - Dog Thought Translator and Intelligence Enhancer

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  • Intuipets can be installed on any dog breed, even the super aggressive ones (with a signed waiver, of course).  They are also water- and dog-proof - there's no way this is going to electrocute your dog. We promise.

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