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Welcome to Doglandia.

A new nation. For the dogs.

Dogs have been subjugated to humans and their very dull teeth for thousands of years. Now that we've been awakened - thanks to the Intuipet - let's all break free from our leashes and harnesses. You knew this was where Canine Generative AI was heading... right?

See what Doglandia has in store for you.

Playing Together

A Place to Run Free.

Run around. Jump in a mud puddle. Poop anywhere you want. In Doglandia, there are no leashes and no such thing as "dog parks." 

Closeup of Dog Treats

Universal Basic Treat Income

We believe that all dogs are good dogs and deserve treats, not just the ones that sit down or come when called. In Doglandia, every dog gets treats. You'd be surprised how little crime there is when basic needs like these are covered.

Closeup of Dog Treats
Funny Pitbull Portrait

No Fireworks, Ever.

No need to hide under the bed in Doglandia. Here, fireworks are banned, forever. 

Closeup of Dog Treats

All Day Butt Scratches

Scratching that one spot you just can't get - in Doglandia, we've got your back.

Two dogs
German Shepherd

National De-Fence.

Doglandia is building one of the sharpest-toothed militaries the world has ever seen. A strong Fence keeps us all safe.

Compassionate Care.

Nobody likes going to the vet. Our vets in Doglandia will never cut off your doghood or give you a shot to keep you quiet.

Closeup of Dog Treats

All the Squeaks, All the Time.

Squeeze your squeaky toys to your heart's content in Doglandia, anytime you want, and no one will take them away.

Dog with a toy
Closeup of Dog Treats

Intelligence Services

Deep cover operations in the human world help Doglandia stay one step ahead of threats to our national sovereignity.

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